Pilot Implementation

With great success the pilot implementation of PROACTIVE’s project was completed. The pilot implementation phase took place in Chalandri, Attica and Ambelokipi, Menemeni, Thessaloniki.

From May to November 2018, the following activities were carried out among others: 10 Targeted Conferences with the participation of local communities, including local Roma communities, 7 Interactive Thematic Days, with the participation of members of local Roma communities as well as 4 Εxperiential Workshops. Their aim was to strengthen links between police officers, social service officers, representatives of municipal authorities, Roma mediators and members of local Roma communities, and consolidating the need for understanding and cooperating for social inclusion and preventive safety.

 Co-funded by the “Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014 – 2020” Programme of the European Union.


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